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Password Reset Problem

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    BuddyPress is great. I’ve created a network for company employees but there seems to be a slight glitch with the password reset. When a user requests a new password the confirm email comes through ok but once the user has clicked on the link the new password email does not. There seems to be a bottle neck: if the user requests another password the first new password email comes through with the second request for a password.

    I noticed this when a new user requested a new password within a couple of minutes of joining. I also create documentation for the users so I went through the process of getting a new password, taking screen shots as I went for the documentation, and this is when I noticed the bottleneck.

    Any one else come across this problem? Any one have any suggestions on how to force the new password email to be sent?

    Thanks in advance.

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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