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Password Strength Meter is not working

  • Hope


    Hi dears,

    The password strength meter on the registration and user settings pages don’t work. Actually it doesn’t show up on the pages.
    I’m using “Custom Community” child theme. I added “<div id=”pass-strength-result”></div>” to the settings page, the meter shows but doesn’t work.

    It works when I change the theme. What should I add or modify to make it work on my theme?

    Thanks a lot

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  • You need to have a javascript file enqueued for this to work so depending on how custom community theme approaches things that may not have been either updated in buddypress-functions.php if that is overloaded or simply not exist if CC theme uses BP templates in the older bp-default manner, might be worth checking if CC is planning an update?

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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