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Performance issues with BP/bbpress integration and groups interface

  • Andre


    I have a WPMU 2.8.3 / BP 1.0.3 / bbPress 1.0 installation that frequently bogs down whenever forum topics are pulled into the groups interface.

    Here’s an example where you can see forum topics slowly get pulled in –

    Another, presumably related, issue that comes up is that forum topics will intermittently disappear and reappear from the group/group forum interface. It’s possible (I’m not sure if I’m just imagining it) that these issues are worse during the day when there are possibly more users hammering on the shared box that we’re hosted on.

    I’ve experimented with the caching feature and it doesn’t seem to do anything? Any other ideas? Thanks for any help.

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  • Jeff Sayre


    …when there are possibly more users hammering on the shared box that we’re hosted on.

    There are just too many variables to address when you’re hosting a WPMU install on a shared box. It could be your install, it could be the server’s resources are being hogged by a few other domains on that server, it could be, it could be…

    This BP thread may be helpful:

    In case you have not seen this, here’s an article in the BP Codex about improving performance.

    John James Jacoby


    Andre Tan, I suspect the issues you’re having are related to shared hosting + the XMLRPC interface for including forums into groups. Future versions of BuddyPress will not have this problem as it includes bbPress and references it directly going forward.

    It may still end up being a little heavy on the server, but you should experience the random load issues that you are currently.



    Thanks to both of you guys.

    It seemed likely to me that XMLRPC (in conjunction with the realities of our hosting setup) was the bottleneck, since everything else seemed to be snappy, even under the presumed load of the shared server. After I posted my original message, I went over to trac and saw that the forums component was completely recoded, so I’m hopeful.

    I definitely want to get us off of the shared box soon, regardless of whether or not this issue goes away with 1.0.4.



    Err.. I mean 1.1…

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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