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Permalink Problem?

  • geogruven


    When permalink is set to “default”, member & search pages are not found (404).

    When permalink is set to any custom setting, it causes a redirect loop.

    WordPress & BuddyRress are latest. It worked fine on development box but on live server, it fails.
    Could it be that there are 2 urls pointing at website ( and

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  • The first part is to be expected, because BuddyPress requires permalinks to be set to something custom. When you do, do you get any problems with normal Page permalinks redirecting? What’s in your .htaccess?

    Brian Bowman


    My problem is similar Paul…my normal page permalinks seem to be working fine.

    I have a WP 3.3 setup using BP 1.5.2 in a mulitsite ENABLED platform. Sometimes the links work properly…but in other areas of the network, links don’t. NAMELY, the URLs to Member Profiles don’t link properly from the MAIN site.

    Background – the ‘main’ site in our multisite platform is called “”. One of our subsites is “tvhra” and found at

    Overall, links seem to work fine within the TVHRA site when linking to member profiles, activity, forum topics, etc….all good.

    However, from the main site (and i’m signed in as the site admin) – BP members section (found here ) – if I click on a member name, such as “Betty Kidd” who signed up originally on the blog site, her link tries to go to: – instead it just refreshs back to the designated home page for

    The url is wrong…should be going to

    Note that in the main site, all BP components are under parent page “community’, but in the subsite, the BP components are under parent page “our-community”…don’t think that’s the problem, but thought I’d point it out.

    I’ve already deactivated all plug-ins on the MAIN Network Admin panel, and in the NETWORKIT.COM panel AND in the TVHRA panel. Then deactivated BP. Reactivated just BP and still have the same persistent problem. UUGGGHH.

    The intellect of this community is far above mine…..any thoughts on why this is acting this way and what I need to do to fix the problem?

    FINAL NOTE: I dd see a thread on this started about 1.5 years ago, with 30+ posts…and no real evident answer…so, I’m trying again fresh.

    Much, much thanks!



    Thanks for your help Paul and Brian… here’s my htaccess:


    # Server root folder www .htaccess
    # This file provides server security limiting access to the localhost only.
    # Comment next four lines to deactivate. (Allows external access)

    #Order Deny,Allow
    #Deny from all
    #Allow from
    #Allow from ::1


    # To allow execution of cgi scripts in this directory uncomment next two lines.

    AddHandler cgi-script .pl .cgi
    Options +ExecCGI +FollowSymLinks


    # Activate this section to use the Private Server Feature!
    # Defaults: Username – root; Password – root
    # Note AuthUserFile: File path is relative to server root
    # To lock server, uncomment the next 4 lines. (A name and password is required)

    #AuthName “Uniform Server – Server Access”
    #AuthType Basic
    #AuthUserFile ../../../htpasswd/www/.htpasswd
    #Require valid-user

    # BEGIN WordPress

    # END WordPress

    Wordpress is 3.3.1, BuddyPress is and Dynamic Widgets is 1.4.2 which is out of date (latest is 1.5) however the list of fixes doesn’t include anything that seems to be related to this problem.




    Oh, and Paul.. your question regarding permalinks being set to custom… when I do that, I can’t even load the main page but get infinite redirect error code 30? (i forget the last digit now)

    The only way I can test this is to have 2 browsers pointed at the website, one on the site pages and one on dashboard/Setting/Permalinks. I save the changes on permalinks and test in the other window.

    It goes into this redirect cycle that I believe has something to do with localhost (my development machine) still appearing here and there even when on the public webserver where localhost is wrong.


Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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