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permalink redirect setup issues

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    my previous issue of having not able to display the single blog post is fixed after changing the permalink setup to include ‘/blog/’ in the URL path.

    however I have a new problem now.

    Search engines still have old URLs (without ‘/blog/’) indexed and they have been sending the visitors to the old link which is not displaying the blog post correctly.

    Options I tried to fix the problem

    Option-1) Requested google to remove those old URLs and submitted new URLs through sitemaps…it didn’t work, google refused to remove those URLs as these URLs are not going to 301 error but displaying something.

    Option-2) Using my webhosting control panel, setup a redirect rule to autoforward to the new URL… didn’t work, my webhosting company told me their redirects are overriden by my WPMU/BP htaccess settings.

    Option-3) Played little bit to update .htaccess manually….I am not a expert in this field, so didn’t solve the problem.

    Appreciate if any one have a simple solution to this problem.

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