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Permalinks not working with forum integration

  • symm2112


    I’ve worked through the full integration of everything and I’m having issues with the permalinks that are created in my buddypress installation to the forums.

    WPMU 2.7.1, BP 1.0, bbpress 1.0 alpha 6

    The integration works perfectly and it looks like the xml-rpc works because creating things on either side works. I can create a post from the members group and it shows up under the forums. Conversely, I can reply in the forums and see the thread on the group thread. My problem is with the links that are created.

    Under the “active forum topics” section, i see my thread but the link to it is wrong. This works the same as the “see all” link which i believe should go to the forum itself. Those are both slugs so I think there’s something wrong there. In fact, I reinstalled everything and used all default permalinks for all items just in case there was an issue there.

    Is there something that i’m missing?

    Thanks for the help.

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