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Permalinks – which structure to use and how to redirect from default?

  • I’m a novice using WP 3, installing Buddypress and having 2 permalink issues:

    Question#1) I need to change from the default permalink structure. What is better?

    a) /%post_id%/%post_name%

    b) /post/%post_name%/%post_id%/

    I prefer (a) because it’s shorter and avoids the structure issue which would happen if I begin with just the postname. But the wordpress site says the following about it “Some people recommend /%post_id%/%post_name%/ which works for performance reasons but others recommend against it because it is unfriendly to users in the many contexts in which users interact with URLs.” But it doesn’t give any more details (nor do the links)

    #2) I need to redirect posts. Although in various places its says WP does this if I am migrating from the default, on my site it doesn’t. So I installed Deans Permalink Migration plugin but I need to put in the code for the default permalink structure. Can someone tell me what that is?


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  • modemlooper



    Is the shortest. You really just need to choose something besides the default for BP links to work.

    If I switch to one of the common permalink options, everything is fine. But if I enter a custom one, it creates problems, i.e. sends me to a 404 page, rearranges my theme moving the sidebar to the other side, etc I’m also using Dean’s Permalink Migration plugin. If I deactivate the plugin, I don’t get the 404 page but the category pages can’t get accessed, and some other weird problems

    Any ideas why this isn’t working?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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