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Perplexing problem NEED GURU – redirect defaulting to BP member page

  • pdillon809


    Here’s a very weird issue. I have a couple of pages (non BuddyPress) that I want to restrict access to only registered users.

    I created a new page template by copying the theme’s page.php file and adding a simple conditional statement to check if a user is logged in (else) redirect (in this example an external link).

    There is nothing in page-new.php that could invoke but that’s where the user goes if accessing a page using that template. If I deactivate BuddyPress, the template works as expected. With BuddyPress activated the template does not work and redirects the user to even though the slug is

    BuddyPress 1.7 with a child theme of Evolution by Elegant Themes.

    Here’s a text file of the new template page.

    I’m wondering what could be causing this.

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