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PHP Development Stack Used By BuddyPress

  • Hi All,

    I’m currently in the process of setting up my Linux server for doing plug-in development etc. I’m going to be developing plug-ins with multiple programmers and would like to know what your thoughts are on the best Stack. I see Buddypress uses TRAC, is that working well for ya’ll? Also what about Continuous Integration and the setup of a debug site that automatically updates from the CI build, what does the Buddypress team use and what would you recommend?

    Ive looked at a few different things but I would like to know what’s been proven and what’s working well, what hasn’t worked out so well in the past etc. Things I have been looking into (TRAC, HUDSON, PHPING, Team City, Jira etc). I use PHPStorm as my main dev IDE and Subversion as my SCM currently and have use Team City on numerous projects in the past for Java, Adobe Flex, and C++ but not for PHP yet :), but really wanted to get ya’lls expert advice.


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