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phpBB integration

  • easy integration with common forum software such as phpbb and vbulletin so that users only need to log in to one place. there are just so many forums out there that cant switch to bbpress. this would increase buddypress use dramatically by everyone using these forums.

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  • r-a-y


    BuddyPress utilizes bbPress only for the groups component.

    This doesn’t limit you from using using phpBB or vBulletin!

    There are a few scripts out there that can integrate phpBB and vBulletin into WordPress.

    I’d suggest checking those out.



    I don’t know how to integrate the others into wordpress/buddypress, but you could still disable the forum component in buddypress and use the other features.

    im currently using buddypress and phpbb…actually still testing buddypress at this point. the problem is that users need to log into both separately, there is no bridge built in. ive tried several different plugins and bridges but they havent worked right with the 1.2 buddypress version yet. i would actually switch to bbpress if i could integrate my current phpbb forum into it.



    You’re looking for a WordPress <-> phpBB bridge.

    Have you tried WP-United?

    yea i did. it didnt work and i played around with it for a while. i probably should go in and play around some more…i just hate relying on mods because they dont always have full support. i am not a php expert by any means, more of a css/html guy so when their are problems i usually just put my tail between my legs rather than trying to fix them:)

    one thing i did like about the united was that it allowed me to transfer all of my WP users to PHPBB users, unfortunately i needed the opposite. if i could transfer my phpbb users to WP, i could moderate one of the two and add them as they come.

    OK, got it to work, however, it was very messy so i uninstalled it.



    I agree that a plugin that integrated phpBB or vBulletin with Buddypress would be great.

    +1 on that.

Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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