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phpbb3 conversion to buddypress forums

  • kriskl



    Has anyone managed successfully convert/transfer from phpbb3 forum into buddypress?

    we are trying it via bbpress conversion script,

    but it is a lot more complicated because of ‘groups’

    any ideas and tips, please post here

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  • The Forums are bbPress, so you’re going about it in the correct way. Obviously you’ll need to create BP Groups for each existing forum and then update the forum IDs in the Groups database table. What sort of problems are you having?



    Ah, many problems! :)

    But developer who is dealing with the conversion, slowly manages it,

    one problem at the moment,

    is for example with links.

    in phpbb links are normal like that:

    in converted bbpress:

    <!– m –> … P2-Channel<!– m –>

    is there a quick way to clean all this extra junk code?

    if you find an easy way to do this, please let me and other users know. if you could, writing a plug in for it would be awesome. many people have phpbb3 forums and would love to integrate them easily into bbpress



    i am not a programmer, so have to pay developers to do it,..

    of course for them it is a learning process also,

    I will however try and post as much as I can,

    but first we have to manage it :)

    just curious, if you dont mind me asking, how much are you paying them to do it? it would be great to get an idea as to how much something like that costs.



    it is per hour, so I do not know what it will be in the end…

    depends i guess how many complications we encounter.. :(

    I’ve really got no idea where your <!– m –> is coming from. is this an artifact introduced by the phpBB exporter?

    still giving



    “Has anyone managed successfully convert/transfer from phpbb3 forum into buddypress?”

    Why would you want to? phpBB3 is a far more mature discussion forum with a large and vigor development community.

    For the lack of real integration between the various parts, would not WPMU/phpBB3 integration, as per WP-United, be a better route to go down?

    — the voice of experience



    Sure, phpbb is more mature, but it is maine a discussion forum,

    and for many users, it is a pain to use,, users these days, i think, are more used to facebook than forums…

    phpbb is full of features but in the process the ease of use is gone,.

    it is a pain to tell users, where to go even to change their profile,, or how to subscribe to a group..

    for pure forums it is great, but phpbb looses on ease of use and on social front :(

    WP-United is OK for blogs, as far as I know, they do not support ‘united’ with buddypress



    re <!– m –>

    I think so, but well, not worried about it for now it does not display anyways, just shows up when in editing older posts

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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