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Placing ad underneath item-header?

  • robbie778


    Image of what I hope to achieveTrying to find out how to work this out using buddypress core. I have tried creating a new div in the home.php in default theme directory. But it is not working? ANyone with coding experience that could point me in the right direction via buddypress core files which I could put an ad underneath item-header and above item-nav?

    I have attached an image link and marked in red the section I mean. Be very appreciative if any buddypress coders can lend a helping hand.

    image of what I hope to achieve is at below link

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  • leog371


    Make sure you have a buddypress directory in yo9ur theme root. In that directory add a directory called single. In that directory make a file called cover-image-header.php. On that file go to somewhere around line 86 or wherever this part is where the closing divs are.
    ` </div><!– #item-header-content –>

    </div><!– #item-header-cover-image –>

    Right Here ——<<<<

    </div><!– #cover-image-container –>`

    See where I added “Right Here —-<<<” in the code. Put your container there and place any ad you want in it. If you want rotating ads or switch case adds then simply add the code for them inside your new container.

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