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Placing content and groups on the same page

  • Shaun McMillan


    Is it possible to add what groups a member belongs to on his activity page or a custom page?
    Or to place what members belong to a group on custom page? I am building a buddypress network centered on a bible study with various different lessons.

    What I basically need to do is include the following items on the same page.

    1) User Info (avatar and name)
    2) Content (featured image, text description, embedded video if available)
    3) Other groups the member belongs to
    4) Other members of the group
    5) Comments on that particuliar group.

    I have a prototype that I built using a custom page template with custom fields before I installed buddypress at

    Is it possible to add custom fields to the creation of a group? Maybe that way I could associate the content with the group and use the group as the “lesson”.

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