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Planning a BPress site with SMS Posting?

  • Seelife


    Hi Folks. I am very new to Buddypress & I have a “basic” question.
    I know that I can have a mobile responsive theme & run Buddypress a a mobile site.
    What I am wondering is, can I set up Posting for Users via SMS.
    These would be premium registered users.
    They would be posting to their “wall”.
    I have seen that it is (i think) possible with an MU site but am not clear about how that works.
    Can anyone give me a simple answer – can it be done with a single user installation with the Plugins available at WPMU/Buddypress?
    Thanks for feedback

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  • Giacomo


    As far as I know there’s no plugin for this quite advanced feature
    You would have to set-up an inbound number with (or similar service) and then create a plugin to fetch incoming SMS and check that the telephone number belong to an existing member.

    Good luck!



    Hi Giacomo, thanks for that. Ok – not an easy job 🙂

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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