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Please advise on creating this new user media component :)

  • buddypresser


    Hey guys,

    I’m writing a new component for BuddyPress which would allow users to upload media (be it MP3 audios, documents, videos) and for these to be linked to their account, viewable by other users, comment-able, rate-able, share-able, etc.

    I’ve downloaded the Skeleton Component and had a look through… I’m competent with PHP, MySQL and markup, but I wanted to get some advice from BP gurus re: how to approach this, since my knowledge of how BP works could be better…

    I understand the general structure of Buddypress and have been playing around with theming it for a few weeks now…

    The basic functionality I want to start with, is just allowing users to upload content, saving it on the site, creating database entries and allowing the content to be viewed by other users. Also to have the wire on the content… so each piece of the uploaded content would have its own page.

    Are there any features in BuddyPress that were specifically designed for this?

    I’m feeling pretty overwhelmed I guess, so if anyone could offer any clarity I’d be really grateful.

    Thanks in advance!

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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