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Please Change your direction dude !

  • michel4534


    Hello everyone,

    I need your help because:

    My member profile page is located at : localhost/r├ępertoires-des-membres/members/%name% and I want to change it for localhost/profile

    Before request your help I tried :

    – Every solutions written in older posts of support and I read all documentation
    – I tried to change my template profile page of my theme lovestory to front.php and function.php

    – I tried to use widgets and drop it in profile part

    But I can’t success. Maybe I missed a information ??

    In fact I can find a profile page when I’m looking at : localhost/repertoires-des-membres/members/%name%

    Bu I don’t know how I can change the link to localhost/profile.

    I past my night and my day on but nop ­čÖü

    And this is what I’m looking for I want when my members connects they will be redirect to there own profile page.

    I installed Buddypress with BP extended profiles and custom fields.

    I’m using lovestory theme maybe the template profile page of it brings problems ??

    Please , brings me your helps to resolve it ­čÖé

    I posted a message before but I haven’t answers. Might be because my request was wrong.

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  • danbp



    you did it wrong:

    /localhost/ is where wp/bp are installed
    /r├ępertoires-des-membres/ can’t use accent
    and you have to choose between /r├ępertoires-des-membres/ and /members/ as by default it is the same location.

    The normal setup for members is your-site/members/ (if you use an english page name) or your-site/repertoire-des-membres/ in french (or membres)… but not both !

    Check your settings and read here first.



    Bonjour Dan ­čÖé

    Excuse me, I used to write “r├ępertoires” but the link is already localhost/repertoires-des-members/members/%name% and I would to change it for a simple link like : localhost/profile/%name%

    I read your link.
    Should I change for a Child theme ?

    I wainting for your answers,

    Thank’s you for your help

    Best regards

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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