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Please help i want to create a website like this

  • Hello all,

    I there any buddypress/wordperss themes that have this features already?:

    Please look around there and see the features like adding pictures to users fav
    and when you click on fav you can see who have added that pic to there fav.

    And olso: Followers, Following, Subscriber and so on.

    Thank you

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  • as far as I know,there is no buddypress or wordpress themes similar to this site.

    but it is possible to develop something like this using buddypress.
    I’ve developed similar add to fav for my project but haven’t included to show who have added it to fav yet, but the functionality is already there.I’m planing to do that in the future.
    I think it’s the best to hire a experienced developer who can develop BP theme like this for you from scratch.

    BTW this site is awesome !
    TX, for sharing.



    Yeah, that site is uh-mazing! Whoever built that has crazy skills.

    we can design you something like it over at ;)

    Okay thank you for the tips repley i gonna ask a freelancer to do that

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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