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Please help me with these problems

  • • I’d like to move the login to my admin bar, I have come about halfway. Which part of the (Default?) css is it that I should alter to make it fit into the admin bar?

    • I wanna make a frontpage displaying the latest posts in two specific categories, they should also be truncated with a “read more” link at the bottom.
    How do I go about that?

    • There seems to be a very bad update frequency for the notifications in the admin bar. For example: If I get a new notif saying “You have a new message from…” that notif stays like that for some time if nothing new happens, it doesn’t go away even if I read the mess. So basically I’d like to change the alert-time for notifications.

    • The date/timestamp on blogposts are inaccurate and I can’t seem to change them. They now read may 22, and I want them to be 22 may. Even though I have tried several times to change it in the WP-admin panel it just won’t change, it doesn’t leave any error messages or anything.

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