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PLEASE HELP!!! no group creation option in groups

  • Tekuan Coleman


    for over a month i have been having this issue where people cannot create their own group or i cant. there is no option for this. please help me with this issue.

    Thank you very much for your time and consideration….

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  • Couple of things: always explain in a tech thread all avenues you have covered and things tried and tested including help from other places, that you had tried for support at Suffusion was great but also I and others weren’t necessarily aware of this?.

    I do find it odd that suffusion should present an issue with something so basic and fundamental to BP and not essentially a particularly difficult aspect? but maybe there is a deeper reason that this is an issue.

    I was slightly hoping that someone with some experience with Suffusion might have weighed in to help as I feel sure it’s a theme that has been discussed before but can’t recall anyone having quite this issue.

Viewing 51 replies (of 51 total)
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