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  • tommuka


    Hello Guys.
    I need your help I’m building a new e-commerce web shop in WordPress and I found BuddyPress which should be great for us website I’m able to create like two different accounts for example one like a normal customer who will go through the portal and he can choose what he wants to buy and the second one like a professional buyer who can Connect or if I can say to link with another account and he can manage them something like a membership and he can shop through their accounts. I’m trying to find this solution in BuddyPress but I couldn’t find the way how to manage a people in my group and shop through them. Manage I mean edit their billing addresses and all this things PLEASE CAN YOU HELP ME WITH THAT I will pay for that but I really need help

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  • Venutius


    I’ve recently wrote a pluugin that allows you to devolve authority for each of the BuddyPress components to other roles. So a non admin could manage the extended profile information for all users. It’s called BP Devolved Authority. However if I understand you correctly then this may not be what you are looking for. I’m not aware of any other plugins that allow finer granularity of managing BP Users.

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