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PLSHELPHELPHELP from Volunteers trying to put together a publishing platform

  • wandilly


    Greetings everyone,

    I am a member of Marin Professionals Association, which is a non profit community of unemployed professionals sponsored by EDD .Since April I have been searching and testing different formats of WordPress templates but recently in their website showcase, I found an incredible website: “”” that our community would really benefit from .So now I am trying to recreate our “” website with the same capabilities that” has.

    1) I have registered the domain ( and am hosting it with Godaddy,

    2) Instead of downloading wordpress to my PC and then uploading to Godaddy(I ran into all kinds of problems that way…)

    On january of 2010 I used godaddy automated script from hosting control center to automatically install wordpress 2.9.1 into my hosting account. My current account detail in godaddy for is as follows:

    Domain :

    Hosting Login : wandilly

    Server IP Address :

    Dedicated Hosting IP :

    On January 2010 I also was able to upload the Current free WordPress Theme to the hosting account in godaddy is called :

    Sliding Door 1.8.7 by Wayne Connor which I believe was the one used to create

    3) As far as Buddypress, back in October of 2009, I downloaded the version of I downloaded the bpress 1.1.1zip version and uploaded to godaddy and then unzipped there which create a buddypress folder in the html directory of godaddy. Nevertheless, in February 2010 I followed “Andrea_r” from BuddyPress’ advise She told me that the plugin folder needed to go in wp-content/plugins/ and said i should installing it from the admin area of WordPress…so, I went to the plugin menu and picked Install New.

    So, then, you may ask yourself, why I am still whining?

    As you know, we are trying to develop a publishing platform for the Marin Professionals Community at EDD, where members can be trained on WEB 2.0 and social network while using the association as means of networking into their next job experience.

    Liability is one of the major concerns that Norma Wilcox (the head mater of Marin Professionals Association – EDD) has, and the main challenge on my research has been to find and deliver a solution that is not only reliable and easy to maintain but most of all, one that is able to provide security, or in other words, the ability to control and maintain all the private information CONFIDENTIAL.

    Last year I decided to start over from a new perspective and use WordPress MU and BuddyPress, after coming to a conclusion that it should a relatively easy and inexpensive way to accomplish such a task. After searching and testing different formats of WordPress templates and trying to recreate our “marinprofessionals” website with the same database capabilities for information retrieval, I came across an incredible website: which I believe our community could really benefit from.

    Keeping that in mind, belllow is what I have accomplished so far:

    On the marinprofessonals website, I was able to change the appearance of the WP sliding doors template but am not sure if it was done correctly.

    I need help understanding how to add a directory capability and enable the creation of individuals blogs per each user registration…similar to what’s is available for the ”” website …

    During 2009 I have tried to get help/answers from different forums but was not able to make it work…

    IN SHORT: I am trying to enable multiple users registration capability available wih WPMU+BPRESS so that each registered MARIN PROFESSIONAL user is able to create their own Blog and manage them. By doing so, I can have each registered user to be added to a directory of users on a more secure form.

    I would appreciate if you would be able to give me an idea ON HOW TO MOVE FORWARD by pointing me on the right direction.

    I’ll be looking forward to hearing back from you.

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  • r-a-y


    You write too much ;)

    Still not sure quite what you want to do.

    First of all, you need to install BuddyPress. On first glance at your site, it doesn’t look like you’ve installed it at all.

    Second of all, since you’re using a different theme, once you’ve installed BP, you’ll need to use the BP Template Pack plugin so your theme can support BP:

    Once you’ve done these steps, then we can proceed.



    Greetings Ray

    Thanks for your reply, sorry for writing so much,I appreciated your comments and good advise

    I will try not to write to much, here is what I did before your advise:

    1)installed WPress in Godaddy server for –> selecated sliding door panel and activated,

    added Buddy Press as a Plugin from the dash board of Marinprofessionals and Actived from the dashboard…

    What I wonderstood from your advise is:

    since you don’t see buddypress capability on the site because it is not written anywhere in the site. So, what I have to do is to go to dashboard and add a plugin “BP-Template-pack” and then activated it afterwards and I will see have know BuddyPress capability?


    after adding the plugin “BP-Template-pack”, I should choose ANOTHER template because the “sliding door” template that I used for marinprofessionals does NOT have the BuddyPress capability eventhough it says it has?



    Try using the default BP theme first to see if BP is working.

    If the default theme works, then you can start work on a custom theme. Preferably a child theme of the default.



    HELLO WORLD!!! Ray agreed to befriend “round and round in circles dizzyone” from!!!

    Thanks Ray, I am on my way to make the changes you advised…

    I’ll keep you posted!(ps: this is just a comment, NOT a threat!! 8~)))!!!



    Hello Ray, I hope you’re around


    ” Making Your Theme BuddyPress Compatible”

    So, I can add support for BuddyPress to the existing “sliding door” WordPress theme that I have selected in….they say it can be a straightforward process by following the setup instructions on the page…bellow is what I got:

    Step One : Move Template Files

    BuddyPress needs some extra template files in order to display its pages correctly. This plugin contains these extra templates, but right now they are in the plugin directory. They need to be inside your active theme directory to work correctly. First of all we can try moving them automatically, please click the button below to attempt to move the templates:

    Step Two : Templates moved successfully!

    The templates moved successfully! This is great news, BuddyPress templates are now in the correct position in your theme which means you can skip step two and move on to step three.

    Step Three : Templates moved successfully!

    Now that the template files are in the correct location, click through your site (you can come back to this page at any point). You should see a BuddyPress admin bar at the top of the page, try visiting some of the links in the “My Account” menu. You should find that BuddyPress pages now work and are displayed.


    I don’t see the words buddypress on the website marinprofessionals… so I was hoping you help me see what I am doing wrong….

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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