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Plugin Buddy Press leads to error 508.what to do?

  • rzmeo


    Hi every one, i want to use Buddy Press Plugin because i like this Plugin.when i had installed BuddyPress Plugin on my website after some days 508 errors were become common.suggest me no errors comes.
    But i want to use BuddyPress Plugin to start community on my website.please help and tell me,how to use it.
    Thanks in advance…

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  • danbp



    generally, a 508 error means that your website is hitting one or more of the hosting account’s virtual resource limits: CPU Usage, RAM Usage, I/O usage or Entry Processes.

    first thing to check is your server ressources. Use phpinfo() to get thoose information.

    Then compare with minimum requirements for a WordPress/BuddyPress install.

    In the meantime, open wp-config.php and activate debug mode (set it from false to true) and see if you receive some notices or warnings.

    If you get a php error, such as a missing tag, you have to repair that. Or upload a new copy of an eventually mentionned file. Or if you did some custom coding somewhere, remove it or revert back…

    If there is no error mentionned, it is your host plan which is not taylored for WordPress/BuddyPress. In this case, you have to change your host or plan, if you want to use the full power of WP !

    You will be confortable with at least php 5.5 and a memory_limit of 64 mb

Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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