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Plugin idea: Buddypress bar on all blogs on your site with \"favourites\" menu

  • Bowe



    I have an idea for a plugin that might gap a bridge between the buddypress theme and member blogs which use a different theme.

    What if there was a global BuddyPress bar which shows up at the top of every blog within your community just like it does on the current buddypress theme?

    So if a new user would register and create a blog he can style the blog as he wants but the Buddypress menu would make it easy for them and other registered users to navigate back to the BP community. It would also be a great tool for branding and extending the community feel to standalone blogs from members. If a guest would see the buddypress bar with a text on the right saying: “This blog is part of the ……. community. click here to join too!” it would be a powerful addition to a lot of communities. One last addition could be a extra menu of the buddypress bar called “favourites” so that if you find a cool blog you wish to find back easily you can add it to your favourites BP menu by clicking on a button called: Favourite this blog! (for instance!)

    I’ve seen that there are plugins available for WPMU which add a global header ( to all blogs, so I think the above should be possible.. I’m interested in what others think of this idea, and if there are people who might be interested in creating such a plugin?

    Let me know!

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  • Xevo


    Sounds interesting to me, but the only add you made is the “favorites” on the bar, other than that you can already use that plugin (global header).

    I’m personally working towards removing the blogs fully and just give each member 1 blog on their normal profile page, that way you just have everything of a member on one page, without the option of themes and making more than 1 blog. Basicly the same as any social community works (facebook for example). I’m also looking for a way for members to change the look and feel of their profile page, so that they can differentiate a little from the rest (background, colors etc.). But that’s just me rambling.. :)



    Xevo that is another thing that would be great.. They way I thought about that issue is to give members 2 options upon registration:

    1: Simple blog (like you described)

    2: Advanced blog (a fully featured WordPress blog like we have currently)

    And the options for admins to disable one of the two if they rather have all users to have simple/advanced blogs :)

    And are you saying I can already implement the BP menu on al blogs with the global header plugin, without any new code being written?



    Yeah, they (Andy) made Buddypress in a really weird never before seen way, I had too hack my whole theme to just get it back to normal. Your idea sounds great as well, about the advanced and simple blog option, if they hook it, then you could even make the advanced blog a VIP (paid) only option.

    But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m not that good of a coder, so for me this is impossible, the fact that your asking for someone to make a plugin, suggests that your not a hardcore coder either. So we’ll just have to hope that someone reads this and wants to help. ;)

    Anyway, back on topic..

    “Add a global header to EVERY blog in your WPMU install (by default the global header isn’t activated on the mainblog) with adding your own HTML and CSS.”

    So, plug and play as far as I can see, you can even use PHP in it if you’d like. Not sure how well it’ll work together with Buddypress, but it should show a bar on top of every blog.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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