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Plugin release Revitek post for BuddyPress

  • Koka boka


    Adds a retweet functionality to BuddyPress activity streams.

    Main functions:

    Adding a retweet button:

    The “Retweet” button is added to each record of activity in the feed. Shows the number of retweets of each entry.

    Creating a new activity:

    When you click on the “Retweet” button, a new record is created in the activity feed of the user who retweeted the original post. The original publication is not changed, but a new record appears indicating the author of the original.

    Retweet banner:

    The new activity record contains a banner with the original author’s avatar and name, as well as a link to original publication.

    User notifications:

    The user receives a notification when their post has been retweeted. The notification contains the name of the user who made the retweet and a link to the new activity record. The author of the post does not receive a notification if he retweeted his own post.

    Retweet counter:

    The plugin tracks the number of retweets of each post and displays this information next to the “Retweet” button.

    Styles and scripts:

    The plugin includes custom styles for buttons and banners, as well as JavaScript for dynamic interaction with the retweet button.

    Translation support:

    The plugin supports translation into other languages, which allows you to localize it for different language audiences.

    Revitek post for BuddyPress

    Advantages of using the plugin:

    Increased engagement: Users can easily share interesting posts, which increases engagement on the platform. Convenience: A simple interface allows users to quickly retweet posts without having to copy and paste content. Notifications: Users stay informed when their posts are retweeted, adding motivation to create content. Localization: Translation support allows you to use the plugin in different languages, making it accessible to a global audience. The Revitek post for BuddyPress plugin is a powerful tool for improving user engagement on your BuddyPress platform. With it, users can easily share posts, receive notifications about interactions and enjoy a user-friendly interface.

    This is a release version, so I will be grateful for feedback and suggestions.

    Github Revitek post for BuddyPress

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