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Plugin to Map All Groups

  • tsortore


    Hello all,

    So here is what I am attempting to do. Our company works remotely and in remote locations (Oil and Gas). I am attempting to set up a site location map with an infoWindow that displays the employees and their contact info that are on-site.

    I have it set up as follows:

    – The Group is the drilling rig, and has to have location in lat/long editable after group creation.
    – The Project is the well currently being drilled, and project members are assigned by the above group.

    Now that the group, project and members are linked, I want the above map displayed on a separate page.

    Any ideas on a good mapping plugin that could accomplish this? I’ve found several, BP Maps for Groups, GEO My WP, and LocateAnything.

    Do you think any one of these will do well, or can you recommend another that will perform the way I’d like it to?


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