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  • shay1383


    Plugin Suggestion: BuddyPress Revenue (BuddyRevenue)

    ‘BuddyRevenue’ will add a tab in BuddyPress’ settings, where user can choose to display ads on his profile simply by activating ‘ads feature’.

    If activated, user will see revenue balance, and will be asked to submit his PayPal email or to link a bank account in order to withdraw revenues.
    If no email or bank account submitted, balance simply stays in profile.
    -Not so sure about linking bank account because it might be bit complicated.
    =Ads will be display in profile sidebar, as widget or something.

    Revenues: User recieves 90% of his profile’s ads revenue, website owner get 5%, and plugin author gets 5%.
    Plugin panel should also give admin the ability to change shared revenues.

    On WordPress dashboard plugin panel will give admin ability to withdraw and view his revenues.
    Admin should have ordinary ‘ads feature’ BuddyPress tab, which will show balance, as all users have.

    If admin wants to withdraw his 10% of users’ revenue, he will get it done by plugin settings (panel).

    Admin will have the ability to view the revenues from users, from his own profile and total balance.

    Users will be able to move their balance to their PayPal/Bank account with a click of a button.
    -Not so sure about linking bank account because it might be bit complicated.

    This plugin will encourage users to create interesting and inviting content, which will help the website’s growth.
    And also will give the plugin developer the money he needs to maintain his systems, and help the plugin author develop the plugin in the best way.

    *Please this image which I designed as example:

    I hope someone over here will like and develop this idea,
    Because it can massively increase BuddyPress based websites’ growth.
    Thank you for reading,

    For more ideas, info or anything else- please contact me at

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Viewing 1 replies (of 1 total)
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