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Plugins Vs. MU-PLugins For BP PLugins

  • In the download section I have read that you have to place the buddypress into /plugins, but had read another post where someone said to place the plugins in /Mu-plugins.

    Where exactly do I place the Bp plugins? I have placed them in plugins and activated them sitewide. It seems to work, but I was wondering if it works if I place it in MU-plugins.

    Another question: Is there any site admin options for BP? I have an MU of 60 blogs, and it sucks that I have to make changes every time there is a blog.

    Also, is there a site admin _—-> BP menu? It says that there is in the installation page, but I have yet to see it or know what I can do with it.

    Last question: I am using the pressbox theme, and I am planning to transfer register and activate.php to the theme. Are there any other files I have to transfer.

    Thanks for everyone’s time. This rocks!

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  • r-a-y


    Hey wftman,

    It really depends on the developer of the BP plugin in question.

    The readme.txt that comes with the plugin is usually the best indicator of where to place the plugin.

    There is a BuddyPress menu in the WPMU admin area, but it would be good to know what you mean by “and it sucks that I have to make changes every time there is a blog”.

    Re: Pressbox theme… check out the default “bphome” theme, especially the functions.php file. You’ll probably want to copy over some of the functions into the Pressbox theme functions.php file.

    Hope that helps in some way!

    So I install these pages into my new theme?

    In my WPMU, there is no site admin for BP. It isn’t there. The buddypress setting for each blog is there, but no site admin options.



    BuddyPress is site-wide.

    The BuddyPress menu does not reside under the “Site Admin” menu, it is a top-level menu.

    Don’t let the placement of the menus fool you.

    Jeff Sayre



    You are linking to a thread that is three months old. Much has changed since then. For instance, BuddyPress now runs in /plugins/– not /mu-plugins.

    Also, as r-a-y has pointed out, once you activate BP site wide, there is a new menu grouping in WPMU admin called “BuddyPress”. It is located at the very bottom of then menu grouping column.

    Oh thank you. I was afraid that I would to reproduce the settings each time. Thanks a lot for clearing that up!

    Jeff Sayre


    You’re welcome!

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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