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PM and Activity feed SPAMMERS

  • mayhem3030



    My site is getting attacked by SPAM, It’s been fine for a while but now it’s getting hard work, I have had to close registrations.

    My issue:-

    Spam registrations are signing up (even though I have security Qs using BP Humanity) I also have BP Labs to try and cut down on activity SPAM…. which seemed to work well but…

    The new attack is PM’ing my members, how can I restrict this so that only friends can PM each other?

    Activity replies, my members post activity updates, and the SPAM bot is posting a link as a reply to them!!!!! ANNOYING

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  • If you’re running BP 1.6+, you don’t need Labs for activity stream spam. It’s built in to 1.6, and if you use Akisment, that will protect Activity stream spam, too.



    How about the PM Spam?

    1.6+ killed my site (the AJAX on private messages didn’t work)

    Any ideas on a fix for that?

    Will it prevent Activity replies as SPAM though? as that’s how this SPAM bot has been hitting the site…

    Not posting up a “What’s New” SPAM, but replying to other members’ What’s New




    fyi the buddypress error is that replying to a private message iframes the site in the reply box!!!

    I’ve asked my JS guy to look at it, and his reply is:-

    “hmmmm sorry no -its some deep bug in the JS of buddypress. Google it? lol.”

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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