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Pointed out a cause of the crop tool vanishing.

  • I tested out what’s causing my problem. I created a brand new WordPress site with version 3.2.1, installed a brand new BuddyPress v 1.5.1 into it. Went to my site, clicked on the members page, changed my avatar, the cropping tool worked fine. Then I went to my wordpress Users page, clicked “My profile” changed my nickname into “Name Surname” went to try changing my avatar again, cropping tool had vanished. I urge you to try this yourself and see that this is a bug. Buddypress functions CRASH when you’re editing the information from admin panel instead of buddypress own profile changing page. This needs a fix.

    For now, I have no idea how to get the cropping tool back again, I tried changing my name back and forth from the buddypress profile page or admin panel, but the tool just won’t come back. I have to literally delete the whole database, create the new site from scratch again to get the cropping tool back when just deleting buddypress doesn’t fix the problem, what gives? Even changing the theme back to “Twenty Eleven” then trying to use the header cropping tool, even that one disappeared. I tried looking up reasonable explanations for this problem, but everyone seems to have their own mix of this problem which is related to jquery. I made this post specifically for the developers so they can take a look at this problem, it’s easy to reproduce.

    Any thoughts and tips regarding this issue are warmly welcome.

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  • r-a-y


    I can’t duplicate this.

    To test, I’m using the BuddyPress Default theme.

    I navigated to my WP profile and changed my nickname to “New Name”. Then attempted to change my avatar and was able to.

    I couldn’t recreate either.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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