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Pop up box to ammend email upon 1st login

  • trcwest


    I would like to have a pop up box that confirms email upon first login??

    so a popup light box or just seperate popup box page that just says something like..

    Please make sure that this is you regular email that you use as this is the back bone of Spots Kenya.. Thanks

    —- current email

    Edit email— submit—

    this is because i am finding with people who use facebook and non used emails are missing out on all the social email nitifications..

    I know facebook conect should allow for completel anonamaty.. (cant spell) but i think if people aggre then its ok..

    Thoughsts on how to do this????

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  • trcwest


    does any one know of anoyher forum topic for this.

    I would really appreciate some help…


    Burt Adsit


    Timothy, what is the incentive for them to give you their email address? What will they gain if they do? Change only occurs to gain something through self-centeredness or to avoid pain. Dangle a carrot while beating them with a stick.

    Come up with a feature that requires email.



    On the normal signup page an email has to be given and it works nicely with emails.

    BUT with the facebook conect plugin it obviously does not give the users email. So the fbc plugin cannot require email as it would break

    SO i want to have a feature that prompts them to update there email to stay conected.

    I dont know how to make this so some help would be great



    on our site, we created a simple php script that gets the users email, if the email contains “proxy-XXX” it gives them a javascript popup telling them to update their information, when they click “ok” they are redirected to the Settings> General> to change their email

    like Burt said, we’ve created a feature that requires an accurate email, so we use this script in a certain section of our site. When a user visits that page, they get the popup.

    we’re also contemplating making a custom redirect for facebook sign-ups (not logins) that will take them to a page explaining the difference between a facebook user account and a regular user account. (i.e. sign in the same way you registered, update your email here, fill in your profile there… etc)

    if you want, I can share the php we made to accomplish this.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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