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Possible defect with old avatars?

  • aaclayton


    I noticed that the raw image files that users provide before cropping are being saved in /wp-content/uploads/avatars. This seems like a potential source of bloat, as well as making it practically impossible to do any manual work with files inside the folder.

    Shouldn’t pre-crop avatars be destroyed after the avatar upload process is successful? Is there a cleanup function that will sweep these out after a certain time horizon? Or is this supposed to happen, and this is a bug/error with my particular installation?

    Thanks for the clarification,

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  • I can’t remember if this is intentional. If we have the source images floating around, I suppose this lets us build HiDPI/retina images at some point in the future.



    It’s also worth noting that original is saved even if the avatar upload process is abandoned partway through.

    Also, repeating the avatar generation process with the same base image saves duplicates of the file as filename-instance.extension.

    Ultimately as the plugin designers, this is the type of feature that you guys have complete discretion over, of course, but perhaps the inclusion of an optional function to tidy out old source files would be a nice addition.

    I know my avatar upload directory is comprised of approximately 75% original files, and 25% user avatars. I imagine for communities where users change avatars frequently this would be even worse.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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