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Possible to Block IPs from Signing Up?

  • thealchemist


    So my site has been up for 9 days now and I am getting 30+ spambot signups a day and its getting tiring deleting the user, the activation codes and the sites these things create. I have noticed that they are generally all coming from 2 IP addresses. I would love it if I can simply block anything/one using that IP.

    I am using the “Registration Options” plugin and its really not up to the challenge.

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  • thealchemist


    Just for anyone’s edification I realized I can block IPs from accessing the site at the server level. My server uses cpanel and there’s a function called IP Deny Manager. Since the plugin “User Activation Keys” lists the IPs of everyone attempting* to join I can easily see the most offending IP addresses – and so far I have blocked 6 – the amount of spambot signups is waaaay down. Yes. The risk is that there are REAL people who are on this server who would probably like to use my site but are now blocked from even seeing it.

    * I am also using the plugin “Registration Options”



    You probably found the solution by bow, just thought I should post for future reference. Also had the same issue a few weeks ago and found this:
    Hope it helps you or the next person looking for the solution.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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