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[Resolved] Possible to pare BP "legacy" files and components on a FRESH install

  • Asynaptic


    Hi, I’d like to know if and how I can remove unnecessary legacy files and code if I’m installing buddypress as a fresh install – that is, I don’t need to maintain backward compatibility with previous code or an older install.

    at first I was thrown off by the usage of “legacy” just like this previous thread:

    but there must be some pieces here and there that can be excised safely, no?

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  • Why, remove what legacy files?

    You do not want to be removing any files, especially never from core. Try to get past the word ‘Legacy’ ignore it’s inference as I think I’ve tried to explain in the past. The files under that folder are all the necessary template files, js, functions files for BP to function out of the box you can not remove any of them!

    You can however as I’m sure doesn’t need stating copy them all over to your theme and edit to your hearts content, if not sure on this aspect please read through the guides we have written in the Codex for clarity.



    @ hnla Thanks Hugo. The “legacy” term is misleading but I don’t want to get bogged down in that.

    I realize that there are older components, features, etc. that are being accommodated because the development team (rightly, I might add) wants to maintain backward compatibility with existing or older versions of buddypress that have been deployed and on which people depend on.

    I’m wondering if there is a safe way to excise these to have a leaner version of BuddyPress when running a fresh install which doesn’t need to accommodate any older ‘baggage’.

    Hope I’m being clear 🙂

    If the core app need to maintain a backwards compatible path on things then it needs to and we are talking here about core files, the process of slowly and eventually removing such baggage is a job the core has to tackle over time, regardless this is mainly in terms of various functions that become deprecated in favour of new functions or classes but are retained so that plugins or custom templates making use of those functions don’t suddenly break.

    As we are talking about core files, again, it must be pointed out that you cannot modify those if you wish to be able to upgrade cleanly and easily to new versions, of course you could maintain your own set of core files and then do manual updates when new versions are released but I wouldn’t like to try that.

    This leaner version of BP you allude to is , I think, something of a pipe dream, you’re not going to get a suddenly better performing BP, faster, smarter, stronger.

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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