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Post Visibility

  • antonchanning


    Currently when posting a new article, an author can set the post to ‘public’, ‘password’ or ‘private’. This was fine for blogging software, but buddypress could do with a couple more options. I’d like to additional settings of ‘logged in users’ and ‘friends’. So far I’ve only found plugins that add this functionality by whole ‘blog’ or ‘category’.

    I’m basically planning a migration of an existing site to buddypress from elgg, and elgg supports this level of post visibility, and also the ability to set posts to custom ‘friend groups’ and such, out of the box without plugins, and I think myself and the users of my website would miss this functionality.

    I’ve created a script for Elgg that imports all the posts in WordPress eXtended RSS format for ease of importing, but this will include posts that were intended for ‘logged in users’ only, so I can’t really go live with BuddyPress until I can do this.

    If others need this functionality, I’d be happy to work as part of a team on a GPL plugin. I haven’t built a wordpress plugin before but I’ve written a few for elgg and am a php developer by profession.

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