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Posting directly TO someone else’s Activity Stream?

  • BlinkyBill01


    I know this is a bit odd, but I want to set up something like a “member page commenting” system where one user can post directly to another users Activity stream. This way they can publiclly message to another users page and their comment shows up in their stream.

    Odd request, but my site is a gaming website where I’d like (and they also would like) members to post to their stream instead of just commenting to a post in the users stream. This way anyone can post and anyone else can reply instead of just using the “ @name” system. Because using the “ @name” system only posts to the posters activity stream and it can be confusing for new members that might not “get” that you have to reply back with the posters “ @name.”

    Can this be done? Is there a way to remove whatever code that allows activity stream posting to me made only by the owner of the profile and have it open for all members to post to?

    If not, can this be an optional feature added to a future BuddyPress update where the Admin can assign Activity posting to either the owner of the profile or any member of the site?

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  • yadigit


    find a plugin called bp-wire.
    Inside of the installing.txt it will tell you what you need to do..
    but that doesn’t solve your question.
    now adding the @tag into the wp-wire is a different story.
    I just think bp-wire should give you a head start



    Awesome. Thanks @yadigit !

    This is exactly what I’m looking for! While it would be nice to add an @tag to the Wire, I’m not savy enough to know how to do that. So this should suffice.

    Now to figure out how to rename Wire to “Member Comments”. I’ve seen in the readme.txt :

    `Changing label for wire, either use language file or use the following code in bp-custom.php
    define(“BP_WIRE_LABEL,”Your wire label”);`

    That doesn’t seem to work for me. Might be due to my RocketTheme theme. Tried changing the language file but that was a no-go as well.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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