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Posts with community flagging capability

  • benjammin


    I am brand-new to BuddyPress and want to jump in with a specific project. I have a desire to create a social posting, comment and respond type scenario, but that has community flagging of posts or comments that are inappropriate, sort of like Craigslist. On the back-end if a comment/response were flagged a certain number of times it would provide a notice to the Admin of the site to his/her email address. Is this possible with BuddPress?

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  • bp-help


    This plugin is not been updated in almost 2 years so if you use it and it doesn’t work log into your server, go to wp-content/plugins/ and change the bp-moderation plugin folder to something else to deactivate it if it gives you issues. For example rename bp-moderation to Xbp-moderation just in case. Here is the link to the plugin. Use at your own risk. I have already given you instructions to recover if it fails.



    Well thank you very much bphelp, is this the only one with this sort of capability?
    Any ideas on why this sort of moderation/flagging is not too popular? If this plugin’s popularity you shared is indication of it not being a great way to go, then maybe I ought to rethink how I build this site I interested in building. I’m one to always seek and find the best, most dependable, forward moving things, would happen to have a better suggestion that would utilize a plugin or combination of plugins akin to what I am interested in?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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