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Preventing spam logins and group creation

  • wpsupglpk1


    Our web site is at Its a member site and we use Ultimate member plugin into Buddypress member area and its a WordPress site. We are having issues with people registering into the site with what appear to be bogus email addresses. We have an email activation process that follows new member registration. We use the google recaptcha tool which sometimes has the choice from images in boxes come up and at other times is only a tick box (I am not a robot). Its very random and seems out of our control.
    It seems that some people registering with bogus email addresses can activate their account (which is weird) and they have been creating spam groups in our member area. So in summary, my questions are:

    1. Are there any plugins or obvious processes we are missing to stop the bogus registrations
    2. Are there plugins or processes that can prevent bogus groups being created and at the very least provide an easy pathway for the site administrator to be involved in group approval process and/or be alerted whenever a new group is created.


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