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Previous forum post marked as spam

  • pixieblitz


    I just made a post My Previous Post and noticed a label “this topic marked as spam” after I tried to edit a typo. I’m not sure why or how to avoid that in the future, or how to get any input on what I had originally been asking?

    It IS a bit of a duplicate post, since I originally put a similar question in a different forum, but I wasn’t really sure where it belonged and couldn’t figure out how to delete the first one.

    Please help?

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  • designserve


    Hi pixieblitz

    I sympathise with you. That happened to my first post. Having spent a long time gathering information and composing it I gave up. I have also turned off spam checking on my own site because if it doesn’t work here I’m sure it won’t work there. I would hate to think that my members’ posts were disappearing.

    Hopefully, we might get a response.

    Mark Argent


    I’ve just hit the same problem. This post, has been marked as spam, though it emphatically is not:

    How do I respond? I’ve spent rather a lot of time over the last week trying to solve a problem, posted it, and get a message saying it’s spam. Yes, I did edit it after posting, as, after seeing how it looked, it struck me that it could be clearer.

    Do I:
    1) Post it again;
    2) Conclude that Buddypress really is rubbish because, on top of the time *actual* problem has taken it can’t even tell the difference between something that is or isn’t spam?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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