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Privacy and Security – is there any?

  • kenrichman


    BuddyPress describes the groups as being either public, private or hidden.
    Private and Hidden suggest a degree of privacy is implemented.
    But now I read a lot of debate about privacy being basically non-existent in the BuddyPress core.
    And about having to rely on third party plug-ins that may or may not be supported.
    Then what is meant by private and hidden?
    To what extent does it work and how easy is it to break?
    I would appreciate any advice can anyone give as to the basic steps one should take to improve security on a BuddyPress installation.

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  • Groups do have privacy settings, as you’ve found. You are probably seeing other people refer to profile privacy, etc. For an explanation of the groups privacy settings, create a group on — it’s listed on one of the screens.



    Thanks Paul, yes – I have read about group privacy settings, implemented them and they seem to work. Of course they do not extend to profiles, as the settings are just for groups. So is that the only real issue? People reading other people’s profiles? For my present use that is something I want people to be able to do, so I am not concerned. I AM worried that information in forums that is supposed to be for members only can somehow be accessed by others, or by members who are not in the appropriate groups.

    I would appreciate advice generally on tightening security on BuddyPress sites, and any known issues being made public so we can be aware of them and advise users.

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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