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[privacy component] extend to my own component

  • grosbouff


    Hi Jeff,

    Could you give me some tracks about how I could extend my component to allow it to be filtered by your Privacy Component ?

    I mean, I guess this add some args to a query, to filter the content following members or something like this.

    Have you some tips to give me to start all this ? Thanks !

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  • Jeff Sayre



    I’m currently working on updating my BuddyPress Privacy Component to work with BP v1.2. I expect to have a new release in about two weeks. I will not release it before BP 1.2 is tagged. There are still a number of changes being made to the BP core codebase, so I need to wait until the dust has settled to see what additional modifications are required in my plugin.

    I plan on providing better documentation–a users’ guide, an site admin guide, and some information on extending components to hook into the privacy filtering functions. So, if you wait a couple of weeks, this information should be available.



    ok, nice !

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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