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privacy & displaying items

  • grosbouff


    Hi guys, this is a question for BuddyPress developpers :

    how do you handle privacy ?

    I’m thinking about having privacy settings for my BuddyPress Maps component; the idea would be to display (or not) a map marker depending of the logged user relationship with the marker creator (“privacy levels”) :

    -is he a visitor (non logged) ? –>0

    -is he a member ? –>1

    -is he a friend ? –>2

    Depending on this, the user could choose (at marker’s creation) to show/hide de marker or to randomize the marker location (so it is pinned near the user’s location but not at the exact address – which still would be stored so we can use the geolocation for searches, etc).

    I think privacy is a really important part of social networks and that you should work on this !

    But maybe is it done already ?

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  • abcde666


    agree, Privacy is the most important part and I do hope we will see anything like this working with BP 1.2 and hopefully have Privacy-features in BP 1.3 Core.



    Open source has many benefits, but also has many unknown risks (unpublished or truly unknown). The current version with little to no privacy settings is a great concern as both a site owner and user.

    Controlling the scope of what data is released and to whom is an important matter.

    If privacy is a popular topic among the developers, please share it with the community. If there are security features/plugins that developers are working on, I would encourage them to have the community test it as well (similar to the 1.2 release candidates). Saying that privacy features will simply debut in a future version without the ability to test/examine effectiveness makes reasonable users apprehensive.

    I would welcome more discussion on what privacy features are in currently place, what additional steps or plugins can be utilized, and what the future plugins or core components will address. Thank you.



    You should add ‘lists’ (as Facebook does) too..

Viewing 3 replies - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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