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privacy settings

  • dace


    Hi all,

    sorry for my bad english. I’m new on buddypress and i want to thank andy and the staff for the great job ! it’s fantastic !

    One question.. i didn’t find any privacy settings to only let my friends to see my profile…

    is there a plugin to make this ?

    Thx for your answer and keep the good job !

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  • jeff-sayre



    According to jjj, a privacy component is currently being developed and should be released as part of version 1.1. Read John’s post in this thread for more details:

    So, what you are asking will be possible in the near future. When will version 1.1 be released? Well, since BuddyPress version 1.0 has not yet even been officially released, I cannot answer that question.



    Thx for ur answer jeff…

    Have a suggestion for the developpers.

    In facebook, it’s possible to do list of friends like friends of school, friends of work…. but there are no privilege to these lists..

    It would be nice and very powerful to have a permission’s system like all access for real friends, only public profil for another….

    I don’t know if i’m understable… what are u thinking of this ?

Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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