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private activities and forums don't show in the overviews

  • giazara


    1) I’ve installed groups with forums /groups/groupname/forum. All public forums (/forums) can be seen here. But the private forums not, even if the user is member of the private group, he cannot see the forum-threads under /forums.
    The same applies for /activity.
    Even under members/username/activity/groups/ it’s not possible to see the private-group activities, in which the user is member.

    Is it possible to show all forums and activities, including private groups, if the user is member of the specific group?

    As an admin, i can see all private forums and activities in /forums and /activity, but I don’t want to make every user an admin.


    2) non-registered users can click on private groups and see thread-titles. if they click on the threads, they are redirected to the main page.
    Is there a possibility to show an error message or directly redirect the guests to the main page, if they try to open a private group? guests shouldn’t be able to see private group content.

    thanks in advance for your help!


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