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private activity & adding users to groups on backend

  • crystalgem


    buddypress 8.0.0
    BuddyX buddypress theme active
    I also have buddypress group chatroom, buddypress for pwa for wp, LearnDash working together.

    #1 question: When I do not have the Activity page Private, anyone in the world can see a chunk of activity if they have the link (such as who friended whom. it does seem to not show conversations).
    Isn’t there a way to have the activity be Private so random ppl can’t see anything that’s going on in the Private group???

    #2 question: When I try to add people to a private group nothing happens. I type in the user name or the first few letters into the ADD new members space and no names pop up and nothing happens except an error saying “the following users could not be added to the group”
    I’d like to be able to add them without them having to request to join so they can get notifications right away.

    I do NOT want to alter code because things like that freak me out that I’ll break something or forget where I added code if I need to remove it etc.

    Please help

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