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Private Message button only appears sometimes

  • Anonymous User 13302461


    This is really bizarre. As the title suggests, can anybody give an idea of why the buttons are only there about half of the time? They were just there for about page 5 refreshes, now theyre gone again!

    Take a look at any member profile from the user names on the right (recent topics) and maybe you can recreate this. I cannot create it at will. Its very random

    This div is empty when theyre not there:
    <div id=”item-buttons”>

    And when they do load, these 2 divs are inside the previous one.
    <div id=”post-mention” class=”generic-button”>
    <div id=”send-private-message” class=”generic-button”>

    This is crazy!

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  • Amid Dadgar


    there should be 3 buttons (Add Friend,Public Message,private message) but as you said It just appears sometimes and I have a same problem 🙁



    Switch to the BP default theme or a WP theme like Twenty Thirteen.

    Does the problem still exist?
    If not, then the problem is in your custom theme.

    Anonymous User 13302461


    Ahh yes. seems to appear every time with default template. I will go to the theme support forum and ask there. Thanks.

    Hi @welshdemo

    The theme’s fine. The problem is actually caused by a bug in our widgets (you’re using the Members list and the “Who’s online?” widgets). We’re tracking the bug here and currently aiming to fix it by the 2.0 release, which is probably 4 months away. If we get a fix before then, we’ll put it into a 1.9.x small release.

    A workaround is to make sure that no BuddyPress widgets are rendered before the main content of the page. i.e. try moving the widgets to the right-hand column, or a widget area at the bottom of the page, or just removing the widgets.

    Anonymous User 13302461


    OK I’ll try the workarounds.

    Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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