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private message – not private

  • Melle328


    in my buddypress installation ‘strangers’ recieve the private message dialog between two other members. We have a thread of 50 ‘why can I read this’ mail.

    Is this a bug? What can I do?

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  • Henry Wright


    Certainly a problem, but not necessarily a bug. Can you try deactivating all plugins aside from BP to see if the problem persists?



    Thanks for reply.

    The problem is, we have 4.000 highly active members. But I will have a look of what I can deactive.

    For me it seems very close to this ticket.

    Is this still a known (or mybe solved) issue?

    Henry Wright


    The ticket seems to be resolved? Read the last reply from the original poster. Would that solution help you?



    no, I didn’t delete anything from the db bevor. I have a known thread of emails from 54 people right know. they all swore they sent only to one recipient. but all the other 53 can read this message. we have this problem with and without caching.

    Henry asked: “Can you try deactivating all plugins aside from BP to see if the problem persists?”

    If you are unable or don’t want to turn of all other plugins, you could look into setting up a clone of the site or a local development environment to make it easier to debug in the future.

    We need a list of your theme and all your plugins — while I hope this isn’t a core bug, a common cause of weird behaviour is a badly-written plugin or theme code interfering with the correct behaviour, which is why we need to know more about what you’ve got on your site.




    Wordpress 3.8
    Buddypress 1.8.1
    Theme: BP default / child theme

    Autochimp 2.15
    bbpress 2.5.2
    bbpress mark as read
    bbPress Email Notifications
    BP Group Management
    BP Group Email
    BP Profile Search
    BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier
    BuddyPress Activity Plus
    BuddyPress Auto Group Join
    BuddyPress Better Pagination
    BuddyPress Block Activity Stream Types
    BuddyPress Extended Friendship Request
    BuddyPress Group Calendar
    BuddyPress Like
    BuddyPress Message privacy
    BuddyPress Real Names
    Change WP Mail From Details
    Duplicate Post
    External Links
    Image Rotation Fixer
    Register Plus Redux
    Remove Dashboard Access
    Suchen & Ersetzen
    Simple Comment Editing
    The Events Calendar
    W3 Total Cache
    Widget Builder
    Widget Logic
    WordPress HTTPS
    WordPress Importer
    WP Crontrol
    WP Show IDs

    I already have a clone of my site, but without members producing content and writing (lots of) private messages I cannot reproduce the error. @djpaul if you are interestet to have a deeper look under the hood, I would be happy to send you login data for community & db.

    Thank you!



    what we have in the db: all this dialogs have the same thread_id in common.



    Are you using database cache in W3 Total Cache? I had same problem with DB Cache Reloaded Fix plugin. Now I don’t cache database anymore.



    Yes, we are using database cache. The page is too slow without cache and Buddypress somehow unusable with.



    Caching BuddyPress often leads to problems in my experience. There are other methods to speed it up. Do you need all of those plugins. They’re all doing things (writing to the DB possibly) and many probably load their own JS and CSS files. That is part of what bogs down site speed.

    For the email issue, did you happen to migrate your database at any point in time? In the DB users and messages are all tied to each other and it’s possible that the IDs got messed up in your DB somehow, so messages are going to the wrong recipients.

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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