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private message not response

  • tht1


    Hey there!

    I really love your plugin. I really hope everthing will work good and we be able to use it!
    I work now on localhsot.
    my issue now – the send message privately not working. nothing appen after pressing the button

    some things that maybe help for you to know:
    * local host
    * php version – 7.3.5
    * wordpress version – 5.5.3
    * I try to switch theme – astra or buddyx – issue still there.
    * try to work with and without the addon “BuddyBuilder – BuddyPress Builder for Elementor”
    * after pressing the button the link looks good – from the friend I want to send to – the link is coming back to my profile and them
    http://club.local/the members page/my page/messages/compose/?r=heythere
    but there is nothing unser “send message”

    what can help me to solve the problem?
    thank you very much!

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  • arsenis


    I have the same problem with you. When I press the messages tab in my profile nothing happens. The links are just like yours but they stop to members page/my page/messages/compose. This happens with every messages tab, and just like you, I have an empty page below that nav menu.
    I am developing my own theme, but I have tested it with 3 different twenty themes and I have the same issue with the messages tab. All the other links are working except for messages.
    I hope we get a solution with this.
    If I find anything sooner, I will post again with my solution.
    *I am using local by flywheel for the development



    unfortunately I didn’t find any solution yet…

    By the way – I am also using local by flywheel for this development.



    Does this issue also happens when using BP Better Messages?
    Anybody tried?

    BP Better Messages



    oh wow! it’s seems that the messages work with the plugin!

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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