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Private Message Questions

  • metalhead


    I was in the midst of creating a “Help & Support” page for my users, when I realized something weird (weird to me.)

    I viewed the member list, and I clicked on a member. Then, I clicked “Private Message,” to send the member a private message. Then, this is what transpired: (PLEASE ZOOM IN TO SEE THE BOX I’M TALKING ABOUT)

    help muh pleaze!

    So, I was sending a Private Message to “Ketzita,” and an input box appeared to the right of her name. I assumed this was a Carbon Copy type deal, so just to get a feel, I typed “fdsgd” in that box, to see what would happen.

    Then, I typed a subject like “This is a test,” in the subject box, and I typed a brief message, and clicked “Send Message.”

    Here’s what happened: She recieved the message, and I recieved no error message for typing “fdsgd” in that mysterious box.

    I think I was wrong about the Carbon Copy thing. That box seems functionless to me; I mean, it does nothing. What is that box for? (The box to the right of the name of the Private Message recipient.)

    Ultimately, I will be aiming to do these things: 1) Remove that seemingly functionless box that appears to the right of the Private Message recipient. 2) Remove the “Subject” box as well, in an effort to make the Private Message process extremely quick & simple.

    If anyone can 1) explain to me what that box to the right of the recipient is for, 2) explain how to hide/remove it, or 3) explain how to hide/remove the “subject” box for “subjectless” Private Messaging, I will be blessed by your help, and will appreciate any element of this help very much.

    Thanks in advance, and peace be with all of my Buddypress comrades!

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  • snorklebum


    1) The box to the right of the Send To you can enter other usernames or type friends names in to send a message to multiple people
    2 & 3) it looks like you should be able to use CSS to hide these

    Hope that helps



    That is what I assumed, but I just wasn’t sure. Thanks for clarifying this!

    I will hide it – BTW: Just to be sure we are all aware, the feature does not check the name entered to see if it’s in the database. Someone could easily spell a name wrong, think that the message was sent, and then log out.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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