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Private messaging auto complete WITHOUT friends

  • sdls


    HI! Hoping someone else has run into this scenario before. From the users inbox when composing a private message, I’m hoping to get an entire list of members within the community in the TO: (message recipient) field. WITHOUT the need for friends. This is a private community where all members within the community should be able to private message each other.

    You CAN go to any users profile, and private message from there, however it would be nice if the auto complete worked for all users when composing from the user-centric inbox. As well this would allow multiple recipients… again WITHOUT being friends.

    Thanks in advance for any help or suggestions you might have.

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  • Anton


    +1, looking for the same thing. Ideally, the autocomplete functionality shouldn’t even be loaded if Friends is disabled (as it is now, I mean).

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