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Problem getting started

  • mttwill87


    I installed buddypress fine. I have it activated. I am using a plug-in called theme my login (tml). Once a subscribers logs in I want them redirected to the “sitewide activity”. I tried going in the (tml) redirection setting and placing the sitewide activity url for subscribers but when I did a test it simply brings subscribers back to the homepage. I want to have new subscribers also be able to edit their profiles as if it were on the my website and not in the WordPress dashboard area. I am available on skype to chat or screenshare to give a better understanding of the issue. My email is"> Thanks

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  • modemlooper


    Subscribers do not have access to the admin. If you have the Extended Profiles option turned on in the admin then BP users edit profiles at /members/USERNAME/profile/edit

    I haven’t used TML plug, have you tried another login redirect plugin?

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